Sunglasses On A Cloudy Day


You bought me a pair of beautiful Versace sunglasses thinking that would make me smile

A pair of expensive sunglasses means nothing when they’re used to hide something

You’ve always liked the finer things, the pricey things…

but what price do you really pay when it’s used to hide so many things..

The brand name clothes, the red bottom shoes, the newest cars and nicest watches..

Those things make you feel better about the darkness that consumes you daily

You don’t know any other way to fill the voids than pouring liquor, women and drugs into your very damaged soul, dressed in Gucci, Loui, Prada..

You pretend you’re happy and you do it well

But deep down you know the emptiness that you feel always comes crawling back, behind closed doors when you get a bitter taste of what it’s like to be alone with yourself..

Alone with the monster you’ve created

that’s when you feel it most..

It’s then that you crawl away in your bed and sleep whole days away because that’s the only time you feel at peace..

You sleep a lot, you tell yourself you’re tired everyday but what you’re really tired of is life

You stay up for days surrounded by anyone to distract yourself from the mess you are alone..

I couldn’t let go of you, I felt I had become sick too

I couldn’t break free and completely disregard you and for that I blame myself

For being weak, for becoming submissive to your charm

but most importantly for making love with your demons.

That couldn’t be undone

They intertwined with mine and left a mess

but I guess that’s just the mess that people like you leave behind..

You cover it with your designer glasses and expensive cars..

Martha Catalina Mendoza Gutierrez


19 thoughts on “Sunglasses On A Cloudy Day”

      1. It was beautiful and can’t wait to read more. I am happy that you are finding a way to express yourself. You don’t have to thank me. I like your posts and try to fix my hurt and pain from everything. Thank you for being here for me even if it’s only on a site. You are very much appreciated.


  1. Writing has always been ur passion .now ur one step closer to writing that book u use to talk about good for you happy to see you growing….πŸ˜‰ miss you loquilla

    Liked by 1 person

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